Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Runners are Gross

According to Smooth, we are a fairly disgusting people.  We blow snot rockets and go to the bathroom in the bushes.  We lose toenails, get blisters, chafe, and love to show off our battle wounds.  We talk openly about our bodily functions over a post run breakfast, sweaty and smelly in a crowded restaurant.  We take unattractive pictures of ourselves post run and share them with pride to our running buddies.  I guess from the view of a non-runner, we are kinda gross.

On Sunday, my RBK and I ran the Brandon Classic Shamrock 10k.  I learned a few great lessons during that race.
1.  Never drink 2 cups of coffee before a race, and drink that cup at least one half hour before leaving the house.  Mile 4.5 is not an appropriate time for the bubble guts to kick in.

2.  Celebrate St. Patty's Day after the run, not before.  I had a great time at O'Boobigan's, and only had a couple beers, but again, mile 4.5 is not as appropriate time for the bubble guts to kick in.

3.  Remember to set your alarm clock for day light savings time before you go to bed.  I woke up very confused Sunday morning, but luckily I woke up not to be too rushed.  Except for grabbing my coffee as I headed out the door.
My side/hip hurt right where my hand is, any suggestions?  It feels like a pulled muscle, not a side stitch.

Although it was a very uncomfortable last couple miles, I still managed to PR by 8 minutes.  I spent the rest of the day in the bathroom.  Runners are gross.

Thursday I will be Shaking my Shamrocks for the virtual 7k. 

Today I am getting a foam roller thanks to all the recommendations from the bloggers I follow.  I need something for these calves and my strange hip pain.

Do you use a foam roller?

Are you a gross runner?


  1. A virtual race is usually hosted by a blogger, and each one has different rules, but you run the race on your own and post your results on the blog or spreadsheet. I'm doing the Shake Your Shamrocks 13k, the Wheezy 5k, and I am hosting my own March of Dimes 5k. I'm also participating in the Cupcake Marathon.

  2. I love the St. Pat's holiday! Never heard your term bubble guts before - hilarious! PR by 8 minutes is awesome CONGRATS!
    I love my foam roller. I finally bought one mainly to deal with the hip pain I was having... maybe it's the same as yours? Foam rolling works wonders for me - I hope it will for you too.

  3. This is hilarious! Personally I cannot spit or snot rocket to save my own life, so my grossness is fairly minimal, although I do go to the bathroom in bushes, culverts, whatever on occasion! :)

    I LOVE my foam roller. I had some tightness and ITB pain with my first marathon training and the foam roller cured it. I have used it ever since and have been injury free ever since (knock on wood!) :)

  4. hey just stopping by to say hello. looking forward to reading ur shamrock run experience!