Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Full Rich Day.

I had what Radar O'Reilly would call a full rich day.  After work RBK and I did Bayshore and Breakfast.  Some nights, that is what gets me through the 12 hour shift.  It was the first time since day light saving that we ran along Bayshore and it was so much nicer at that time in the morning.  We got there just as the sun was coming up and it was still nice and cool. 

Good morning.

We we able to see dolphins swimming in the bay while we were running.  We saw probably 5 different ones swimming around. I tried to take a million pictures, only one turned out.  There were lots of crazy birds fishing and tons of funny fish bubbles in the water.  They weren't there when we came back around.  I think they might be there every morning at sunrise and move along a little while later. 

My only dolphin picture.
I am glad the view and the weather were nice for our run, because my lungs were not nice.  I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to breathe.  I guess it is the changing of the seasons and the pollen, I hope it doesn't last long.  I had to use my inhaler and walk a few times, ok alot.  My endurance is really suffering.  There were enough distractions along the way that I didn't get totally down on myself. 

A Tony Little gazelle.


Leg Press Machine

Pull Up Bar.

"You know you like it."  (sorry, I had too.)

A shout out to my RBK on the sidewalk.

We did 4.34 miles, pretty slow due to the lung fail.  But we got it done I felt great afterwards.  I hope I can get through the next few days with no more trouble.  I have 2 virtual races, (Wheezy and SYS), and 1 live race on Sunday, while keeping track of my miles for the Cupcake (Half) Marathon.  TGFA.  Thank Goodness for Albuterol.

I came home and tried to catch a huge bass with my new fishing lore, but uh, I didn't find one.  So I came inside and rocked my world with my new best friend.  I am loving foam rolling.   Foam rolling has felt great on my calves and my glutes, but when I tried to work my sore hip I just about died.  I'll stick with ice and ibuprofen for my hip.  I am so thankful I've started stalking  reading your blogs, I get the greatest advice that no book, magazine, or training plan could give me.  Real time tips.  It's great. 
Smooth and I went and played some disc golf this afternoon.  It was such a nice day today in St. Pete.  I love Florida this time of year.  Well, except for the pollen, yuck.  I did a couple stretches and push ups while we were playing.  Just to stay active.  It has been a long time since we have gone out to the course.  We played a short round once it started getting dark.

Smooth on the dg course.


Our quick spontaneous dinner at Chili's was great.  I had grilled chicken tacos, with extra veggies and black beans.  They really hit the spot, I didn't feel like cooking and didn't want to eat junky food either.  That was the 4th or 5th straight day I've had chicken tacos.  The others were homemade deliciousness. 

We went on a nice 3 mile bike ride around the neighborhood when we got back.  Working night shift makes you savor every drop of daylight.  Sometimes we I am so tired all I want to do is sleep after work.  Not today, ok well I wanted to sleep, but I didn't.  We finished off the night with an hour of tennis.  I really needed the cross training to strengthen my legs with lateral moves.  I could feel my legs loosening up as I was playing today.

I really want to continue having days like today.  I can't always have perfect run days.  Sometimes it is hard to stick to a training program everyday.  Playing is just as effective, I could stop and catch my breath is I started feeling tight, and playing is a ton more fun.

Do you play disc golf?
I love going out and spending time with Smooth doing something active and healthy.  I'm not very good, but if I only did things I was good at I wouldn't do very much.

What is your favorite way to play?
Today was pretty great, but I like to swim, play volleyball, and basketball too.  That's why I love living here so much.  We have all that stuff right here.  (not the disc golf)

What is a food you could eat 5 days in a row?
Apparently chicken tacos, but usually crab legs, salads, and this awesome soup affectionately referred to as poop soup.  Its a southwestern soup.  Yum.  I'm a big fan of Mexican foods. 

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