Saturday, July 30, 2011

You can take the girl out of the honky tonk...

I haven't posted in a while because my running has become pretty routine. Our running group meets every Tuesday and Thursday for a couple of laps through the park. We had been running at Bayshore, but there is no shade along the route and Florida runs need shade. There are 6 of us that run together so far. There are some other coworkers who would like to join us, but it doesn't work for their schedules yet.

I only ran one race last month, the St. Pete Beach 5k. It was the first of three. It was a tough run. I didn't know it was in the sand and I had never run in sand before. It was not very fun. I wish I had worn my Vibrams. The silver lining is that it was in a series so I could learn from that race and run better next time, and it worked.  I ran the second race this evening and had a great time.  I wore my Vibrams today and the sand was more firm so it was a much better race.  I took at least 3 minutes off from my first race, which I didn't accurately time.  The post race party was fun too.  I got free beer, 2 gift certificates for RoadId, a new singlet, and a drop off bag.  I said on Daily Mile that I would giveaway my other RoadId gift certificate, but I'm giving it too my RBK because she is awesome. 

My RBK thinks she developed tendinitis in her ankle from running in the sand during the first 5k. And another running club member has an injured back.  Everyone send healing vibes their way.

Heal quickly you two!!
I did get out of my running routine last week when I went back North to visit my mommy and our family.  It was HOT!!  100 degrees hot.  But I was still able to get in some early morning runs.  It made me so home sick to be out there running the hills, in the fresh air, passing farms and fields.  Instead of bus exhaust I smelled dairy farm.  I spent alot of summers growing up on a dairy farm so those smells take me back to a great place.  The first day I didn't see a single car, but I did get passed by a tractor.  I also found an awesome piece of old barn board that I am going to use as my race medal display.  Here are some pictures from my country bumpkin runs.

And just because Max is cute and fluffy.