Monday, March 7, 2011

Recovery Week

I'm just calling it a recovery, but really, I was a lazy bum.  I logged 3 days of running, and 3 bike rides.  Sounds pretty good, but each run was only 2 miles, and my bike rides were 2, 2, and 4 miles.  I guess after a successful half marathon I told myself it was OK to slack off this past week.  But  I've got my game face back on.

Smooth found a bike by the dumpster in our apartment complex on the day of my half marathon.  My RBK let me have an extra bike she had sitting around.  Two free bikes=Winning!!  After my first ride I remember how much I love riding.  We tooled around a couple times around the neighborhood, but on Sunday we loaded up the bikes and headed to Honeymoon Island.  It is so beautiful along the beach at Honeymoon Island.  There was a motorcycle poker run for the boxer rescue going on while we were there.  We had never been on the trails at Honeymoon before I bike ride.  There was a portion of the trail closed off because of a bald eagles nest.  I thought bald eagles lived in the mountains, I didn't realize they were in Florida too.  I saw it lift its wing up a couple times, but never really saw it. 
Bald eagle's nest.
We had a great time riding the trails around the island, but I was anxious to go along the beach a little.  We stopped on our way back to the car to check out the water.  I can't wait til it warms up a little more so we can swim and go paddle boarding.  It looked like a storm was coming in so the waves were a little bigger than usual.  I love jumping around in those like a little kid. 

Windy Honeymoon Island.
 March is going to be a great month for races.  I'm registered to run the Brandon Shamrock Classic 10k on March 13th, the Shake Your Shamrock 7k Virtual Race on March 18th, and the Florida Beaches 5K on March 20th.   

Only 33 days until my next half, the Iron Girl on April 10th.  That will be my 3rd half marathon in Florida.  It's not really bringing me any closer to reaching my 50 states goal, but they are tons of run.  My first out of state run is looking to be the Stillwater Half Marathon in Minnesota with my running buddy.  It will be my first coed race too.  So far all my half marathons have been women's races. 

What does your up coming race calendar look like?


  1. Wow! You have a busy month. I only have one race schedule for each month.

  2. An Iron Girl, that sounds so cool! I really want to do an all girl event. I live on the East coast of Florida, but might think about going to that 5k on 3/20.

  3. Can you send some of that motivation up here? PLEASE!?