Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bayshore Rocks!


January was a pretty good month.  I ran 44 awesome miles, found 2 new running routes, started this blog, bought a new pair of Vibrams, and got a new 5k PR. 

Today's run was so fun and the view was fan-tastic.  I met Kristina after work for a 5 miler. 
View along Bayshore

It was going pretty good, but we couldn't figure out where to turn around.  I mapped out the course on Google Maps, but couldn't tell the sidewalk just...ended about .5 mile short of our turn around spot.  We are both fairly new runners and haven't invested in Garmins yet.  Someday. 

New turn around "nook"
Random action shot
"A" for Amanda

 All along the route there were lots of quirky things.  There was a parade the over the weekend and there were trees with Mardi Gras beads in them.  I tried to get a photo but it didn't turn out well.

But I got this cool photo of Kristina, random guy, and Tampa.

We made it, touch the fence!

After the run we went to breakfast.  We had planned to go to a place called Good Eats which had a great menu.  But last night a guy at work suggested a different place.  It was right by where we parked, so I thought it was a great idea.  


Cool decorations

Not so much

Our last breakfast experience set the bar so high, it took alot to impress.  This did not. 

Breakfast fail!

Next we walked to a running store neither of us had been to before.  I tried on 8 pairs of shorts, bought none.  I want a cute outfit for the Princess Half, but I think I'll stick to something tried and true and buy fun stuff at the expo instead.  I did get a Sweaty Band that I love, and I tried on a Running Skirt, that I am very interested in.

We also made a goal for ourselves to run at least one race a month this year.  So far we have them planned until May.  It will be fun to look for more races.

I know I don't get alot of traffic or have many followers but we need advice.  Both her and I have had strange experiences with seeing spots and having blurry vision, lasting about 15 minutes or so. Then when that goes away, a headache comes.  A half hour or hour later an arm and hand goes numb.  We are both 27, work night shift, run, and eat fairly healthy.  Anyone have a suggestion as to what may be going on?

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  1. Hm, I don't really know what could be up with those symptoms... All I can say is, if it keeps up, definitely mention it to your doctor, just to be sure it isn't a sign of something major.

    Oh, and by the way, I am super jealous that you get to run in such a nice place! I'm in South Korea right now, and I only have to be outside for about 10 minutes before my hands and feet start going numb from the cold!
    [Needless to say, my runs have been strictly indoors since winter kicked in, lol]