Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 days til I'm a princess!!

I can't wait!  Only 3 more days until the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  My RBK (Running Buddy Kristina) and I did a 6 miler Monday morning and I felt great.  It was pretty foggy along Bayshore so we couldn't really tell how much further we had to go to get to our turn around spot.  It seemed to make it go by alittle faster. 

Last training run!!
Today we only did a 3 miler and it kinda kicked my butt.  It was our last training run before the big day.  I wore my Sauconys for the first time in a long time.  I wanted to make sure I wanted to run the half in my Bikilas.  Well, I'm sure.  I love my Vibrams.  I started running in the KSOs about a year ago after I read some articles and got a good review from a friend.  I wasn't doing all my runs in them, but I was working my milage up in them.  They really helped my find my natural gait and made running so much more enjoyable for me.  I got my Bikilas a few weeks ago and they are even better.  I can tell my feet are getting stronger and my toes used to be super curled and now they are much more straight and supportive.  I really don't think I'd be loving running as much as I do if I had discovered these shoes. 

My loves!
Another one of my coworkers has been doing the C25K program and I helped him find a 5k to run after he "graduates".  I  found one that serves beer afterwards as a little bit of motivation.  We both registered for it last night.  So far there are 3 of us registered and 1 other coworker is interested too.  I love sharing the running bug.  I'm hoping for a PR with a significant improvement over my last 5k time.  *fingers crossed*

I want to try another style minimalist running shoe, any suggestions?

Are any of my followers running the Princess?

Only 3 days to enter my giveaway.  Lift Your Sole will be at the Princess expo, be sure to check out there jewelry.  I can't wait to pick out my next necklace.


  1. I'm running it! I'll be at the expo at some point on Friday.
    Good luck!

  2. GOOD LUCK AMANDA!!! How cute is your shirt?!!

  3. Good luck! I will be there for the WIne and Dine in September, but not the Princess. Have a great time!