Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Starting Over.

It's ok, I'm still here.  Sorry I haven't been posting.  This is a "running" blog, not an "I can't stop eating long enough to get my running shorts on" blog.  I guess I am not handling the bad ankles very well. 

Do it, do it now.

That's all going to change at 7:30 tomorrow morning.  RBK and I are going running after work 3 days this week.  Man, I really need her motivation to get me started back up.  The half marathon in Minnesota is coming up quickly, less than 5 weeks.  In the past 4 weeks, I've only run the Iron Girl half marathon.  No me gusta.  I've refreshed my running schedule and I am putting my game face on.

No more.

We are going on Bayshore in the morning, but I am going to suggest a couple other places to run for Thursday and Friday morning.  I am looking for some hills to get us ready for Minnesota.  I guess I just need to run the Iron Girl course a few more times.

So look for more blog posts this week.  And if I am not posting, I am not running, so yell at me and help me keep my butt going and my fridge closed.

I need more of this.

This weekend is the St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg.  I am volunteering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday-race day.  I've never seen a triathlon so I have no idea if it is something I would be interested in doing

This Saturday is the March of Dimes walk on Bayshore in Tampa.  You can support the March of Dimes by visiting my page here.

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  1. I SO am right here with you. No motivation to run the last 9 days! Ugh. Went and did 3 miles today and almost puked. That'll teach me. Used every excuse under the sun. Kids out of school, hubby working, it was raining, don't feel like going to the gym, let hubby run on his day off (Easter!).
    You got this. And give me a little kick in the ass too, please. :)