Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Run Review

Thursday night, RBK and I braved the horrible weather and went to the Cinebistro in Hyde Park to see My Run.  Because they serve dinner in the theatre we had to arrive at 6:30 for the movie starting at 7:00.  We saw Debbie from RunTampa, who witnessed our horrible run on Sunday.  She recognized us even though we weren't bloody and limping.  They have a great running community organized, and I am excited to join them for some runs soon. 
We ordered our food and prepared to watch a movie that would make us want to get up and run home.  But, we didn't get to watch that movie.  My Run is a very motivational movie about Terry Hitchcock and his life, but watching him run and run and then say he would never do it again and he really hasn't run since was not the kind of motivation I was looking for.  It motivated me to thank my mom for being an awesome single parent, it motivated me to finish something once I start no matter how many people leave you behind.  But to run, not so much.
I was very distracted by the cameraman's love for the zoom button.  No one looks good that close up.  If you saw the movie you know what I mean.  I also couldn't get my head around why Terry and his son wore Breathe Right strips while they ran.  Is this s runner's trick I need to know about?  Any help with the breathing aspect of running would be great, but Breathe Right strips?  I have a couple, I might have to try them out. 

Can you see the BR strip on his nose?
The dinner was great, I had a mahi mahi and sweet potato fries, and the theatre was really nice.  Except the clanging of silverware right beside me in the middle of the movie, geesh.  And luckily the rain had stopped when we left the theatre. 

My in-laws are in town so I won't be blogging or probably running much this week.  I do have an 11 miler scheduled tomorrow.  Our last long run before the Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater.  I'm want to find a new route for us to run for this one. 

If you are in the TB area, do you know of a good running route for long runs?

Did you see My Run?  What did you think?

Do you wear Breathe Right strips when you run?  Or sleep?  Or walk around?

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