Friday, April 15, 2011

Spa Week.

Did you guys know it is Spa Week and many spas have discounts on massages and other spa treatments?  You should check SpaWeek to find what deals are near you.

I am waiting on my RBK to get here so we can go get our Spa Week massages.  I really need it after this week.  She wanted to go Monday or Tuesday but I was so sore I couldn't possibly have someone touch me.

I don't know if was the difficult course, my shoes, or the combination of both that caused me to hurt so bad.  I love my Vibrams so I'm going to blame the course.  When you think of running a race in Florida, the last thing you think of is hill training.  I wish I would have paid more attention to those bridges on the course map.  My bad. 

After 5 days of ice, foam rolling, a foot massage from Smooth, TEDS compression socks, and enough NSAIDs to give myself an ulcer, I can finally walk without my "swagger".  Some parts of my feet are still hurting, but I feel so much better.  I was thinking terrible thoughts, stress fracture, bone bruise, no more running.  Yuck. 

I had no idea that was a real quote.  I thought I made it up.

Only 6 weeks til the Stillwater Half in Stillwater, Minnesota.  I will be working on hill training for this race.  I hear Minnesota is not all that flat.

What is the website where you can look up past race times?


  1. I had to laugh at that poster! I love it! I am in awe of your goal to run 50 halfs in 50 states before you are fifty! Awesome! I hope your foot gets completely better!

  2. Swagger--I love it!
    Race time site is