Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slack Ass

Everybody quits running two weeks before their third half marathon, right? 

I am really good at coming up with reasons not to run.  I had family in town, I was out of albuterol, I worked 4 days nights in a row, I had a stomach ache, it was too hot, I was exhausted, I ate too much, my ankle hurt, I need to shave my legs, the moon isn't super.  You get it, I'm good. 

But Sunday morning at 7:00 am I have to run.  No matter how hairy my legs are or what time the tide is, I am running.  I am very excited about this race and I have been looking forward to it for a long time.  The Clearwater Iron Girl will be RBK and my second half marathon together.  It is a beautiful course around Clearwater.  

Sweet course.
I don't know where my motivatoin has gone lately.  I hope that when I am getting ready for my first out of state half marathon I will be a little more consistant with my training up until the end.  I really want to start crossing states off my list.  My next state is going to be Minnesota.  I am running the Stillwater Half Marathon at the end of May. 

Sorry this is a lame sauce post, I'll post a race recap after the race. 

What do you do to stay motivated and how do you ditch your excuses?

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  1. You run over the causeway?!?! Holy incline.

    Maybe a countdown to your next race would help you stay motivated til the last day. Or better yet, a good old fashioned paper chain countdown in your house?? lol.

    Don't worry, the rest days were probably good for you. Good luck and rock that race, girl!