Sunday, June 19, 2011

iPhones and puppies.

I mentioned in my last post that I registered for the St. Pete Beach 5k series. I am starting to have buyers remorse. I have an unofficial goal of running some type of race each month. The series will help me fulfill that goal but 7pm in Florida is wickedly hot. Instead of running in this crazy heat I usually do the smart thing and avoid it by running in he morning or on the treadmill. So, I need some help from the bloggy world. How do you manage a hot run?

In nonrunning news, I am writing this post from my new iPhone. I feel like one of the cool kids, even though I'm a few years late. I am still learning all the cool things it does. So, I'm asking for iPhone tips too. Especially picture or blogging advice.

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  1. hey amanda! i'm so glad i found your blog, i'm a space and didn't realize it existed! so hello and glad to see ya. :)