Friday, June 10, 2011

Come run with us.

After finishing the Stillwater Half Marathon, I've been able to reevaluate my running.  I'm going to spend the summer training to better my 5k time.  I've already registered for the St. Pete Beach 5k Series.  They are evening races along the beach.  I like running shorter distances in the summer when it is crazy hot.  I don't want to be out in the Florida sun any longer than necessary.  By registering for these races, I was able to join St. Pete Road Runners.  I think they will be able to help me explore new routes around my neighborhood.

As a way of making the short runs more fun and to keep me from bailing on my runs, I've started a running group at work.  RBK and I have already been running alot together and we have a few running coworkers who I thought would come run with us.  It would be a great way to help us fit our runs in.  A night shifter's schedule is not a flexible sometimes.  All we want to do after a 12 hour shift is hit the hay and to wait and run before work means running in 90+ degree weather.  No thank you, I am not that hard core. 

The first morning M. and I ran 2.5 miles.  I proved to myself that first day how important this was going to be for me.  If I hadn't made the commitment to this "group" I would have ditched.  Of course 1 minute into the run I was energized.  That is such a great feeling and one of my favorite parts of running. 

RBK was able to come to the second meet up and we ran 4.35 miles along Bayshore.  RBK runs at a faster pace, so it was helpful to have M. there because we run a very similar pace.  We finished this run with a great breakfast at Daily Eats.  Man, I love that place.

Today was the third meet up and 5 people came to run.  RBK had a speedy running partner and I ran with 2 others.  We ran at the park with the 1.25 mile loop and did 2 laps.  It is very close to work and has some shaded parts to help keep cool and bathrooms.  I've invited walkers to join us too.  I like this park because people can run or walk as many laps as they want as fast or slow as they want, but still feel like part of the group.   I'm excited for more and more people to come so that everyone can at least partner up and have a good run.

Someone recently FB messaged me and asked me about what motivates me to keep running.  It definitely isn't my talent, the ease at which a run, or that I feel I was born to do this.  It is getting messages asking me about running or having someone tell me I inspired her to register for a half marathon.  That is what keeps me going, being part of this running community. 

Are you part of a running club?

What keeps you running?

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  1. Good for you for starting a running club! That is great!! I live in a small town and there aren't a lot of runners who run at the same pace/ability, but I started a "Track Tuesday" club where we go on Tuesday mornings and all do our own work outs and yet still get to visit, hang out and motivate each other. ;)