Friday, January 28, 2011

Without Limits.

I feel great today. Yesterday I ran 8.5 miles. I don't just mean I "went" 8.5 miles, I ran, all of it. I need every bit of the 29 days before the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but I am so pumped, I want February 27th to get here already! I feel like I am so much better trained than I was for the Women's Half Marathon.

I know running another half in Florida doesn't get me any closer to my 50/50 goal, but it's going to be fun. 

I watched Without Limits and Chariots of Fire last night.  I should have watched them before I instead of after I ran.  I might have been able to go 10 miles with all that motivation. 

Today is a cross training day.  Going to have a hot date with Tony Horton tonight.  I followed P90X everyday for 2.5 months and felt really fit.  It is going to feel good getting back into it.  Bring it!


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